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Sustainability Policy

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will identify and implement sustainable measures to minimize the use of energy and the consumption of natural resources. Furthermore, we will encourage our guests and staff to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" whilst continuing to seek new methods to make this easier to achieve.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will appropriately manage environmentally impacting aspects of our business to reduce harm to nature, i.e., visual impact, waste generation, atmospheric emissions / noise / wastewater. We will also seek to increase and promote the safety, health and well-being of our employees, community, and guests.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will follow and enforce local and government legislation and/ or regulations regarding the environment at all times.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will promote environmental awareness, active cooperation and understanding through training and communication with employees and company collaborators.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will keep clients, the local community, local government, and environmentally based NGOs well informed of our initiatives and objectives in creating an effective relationship to preserve the environment for sustainable tourism.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will continuously align our objectives and goals to match and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will carry out internal and external audits in order to guarantee the maintenance and improvement of our sustainability management system.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group will conserve native plants, flora and fauna, local wildlife and habitats and the local community's way of life for sustainable tourism.

Beyond Resorts by Kata Group hereby declare that we acknowledge these set-out policies and ensure that they are practised and enforced within our organization. 01st March 2023

Environmental Policy


At Beyond Resorts by Kata Group, we recognize the profound importance of preserving the environment for present and future generations. As a leading resort group, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and actively contributing to the well-being of the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. This environmental policy outlines our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Our Commitments:

1. Conservation and Protection:

  • We are committed to conserving and protecting the natural environment and ecosystems in and around our resorts
  • We will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • We will regularly assess and minimize our impact on local flora and fauna

2. Resource Efficiency:

  • We will continuously strive to reduce our consumption of natural resources such as water, energy, and raw materials
  • We will implement energy-efficient technologies and practices to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We will promote responsible water management, including reducing water waste and supporting water conservation initiatives

3. Waste Reduction and Recycling:

  • We will minimize waste generation and promote recycling throughout our resorts
  • We will encourage guests and employees to participate in our waste reduction and recycling efforts

4. Sustainable Procurement:

  • We will prioritize the procurement of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services
  • We will source local and organic products when feasible to support local communities and reduce transportation emissions

5. Biodiversity and Landscaping:

  • We will maintain and enhance the natural beauty and biodiversity of our resort properties
  • We will implement landscaping practices that promote native flora and fauna

6. Community Engagement:

  • We will engage with our local communities to foster environmental awareness and support local environmental initiatives
  • We will encourage our guests to participate in eco-friendly activities and educate them on our sustainability efforts

7. Employee Training and Engagement:

  • We will provide training to our employees to promote environmental awareness and responsible behavior
  • We will actively involve our employees in our sustainability programs and initiatives.

Monitoring and Reporting:

We will regularly monitor and evaluate our environmental performance, set measurable targets, and report our progress to stakeholders. We are committed to continual improvement and will make necessary adjustments to our policies and practices to achieve our environmental goals.


At Beyond Resorts by Kata Group, our environmental policy is more than a statement; it is a commitment to a sustainable future. We believe that through responsible and environmentally conscious practices, we can provide our guests with unforgettable experiences while safeguarding the natural world.

By adhering to this policy and working together with our guests, employees, and local communities, we will ensure that our resorts remain an example of environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry.

Date: 12-September-2023