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Get Physical

Have fun while keeping in shape and leveraging the sensational surrounds by engaging in one of the many water sports available on the island.

Say Northing

Sometimes it is better to let nature do the talking. A sunset at Phuket is one such occasion. Sit on your private balcony and feast on nature at its finest.

Get Jiggy

For months you’ve thought about this moment, thought about the endless possibilities that come with abandoning the world left behind and going down the escape hatch.

Touch It

A lot of resorts claim to be beachfront without really delivering that. When we say we’re absolute beachfront we mean it.

Swinging in the Breeze

Laze on a sun chair next our lagoon pool and let a soothing ocean breeze flick you as palm trees wave and a good-time vibe reverberates.

We have a few more suggestions…

Resort Discovery

Glory Days - Your time here will remain burned on your mind, such is the profound impact of the destination’s natural beauty: powdery white beaches, cerulean warm water, refulgent coral reefs, ancient tropical forests.

Cooking Classes

Live to Learn - Take a break from sun worshipping and get into some food worshipping while learning how to make Thai and international cuisine classic from our master chefs.

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