Rocky Krabi High

Unique, majestic and iconic, limestone karsts define the natural environment in Krabi. Rock climbers from the world over come in search of them too.

The River’s Edge

Crabs with oversized claws are found on the banks of the river as the tide ebbs away going about their daily lives. This one is an oversized example of the shore.

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Ao Nang

Picture postcard Ao Nang beach is well worth exploring. Framed by soaring limestone karsts it also neatly segways into a superb dining and shopping area in the evenings.

Emerald Pool

Submerge yourself in the unique hot springs in Krabi and marvel at the spectrums of colours and lights that define the unique emerald colours at this site in the lush lowland forests of Khao Nor Juji.

Hot Springs

Bathe in one of Krabi’s multitude of hot springs that are welcome relaxation spots dotted throughout the destination in mature, wooded natural forest areas.