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Absolute Luxury

Palm Villa Premier class is heaven for the practiced beach lover and those who prefer to simply cocoon in a spacious and elegant room.

Comfort and Style

Warm tropical timber and a colour palette inspired by the gentle radiance of the Andaman Sea and the golden fire of sunset over the horizon.

Bath Time Stories

Room to be yourselves. Time to relax as a couple. Take a deep breath, exhale, repeat. Bath time can take on new dimensions of intimacy and relaxation in your villa at Beyond Resort Khaolak.

Living Room

Picture yourself on this sofa: replete from a perfect midday repast gazing at the lush, natural surroundings and making plans for tonight’s dinner.

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Palm Villa

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Palm Villa Elite With Jacuzzi

Soak in privacy and serenity. Rekindle a rarified romance with lots of room to yourselves and all the pampered privacy required to let love rule. Enjoy 78 sqm of contemporary style and Asian accents.

Special Offer

Discount room price, exclusive offers and package deals, promising happier experiences for less.