Room with a View

Roll out of bed and roll into the Andaman Sea. Beyond Resort Karon’s location is absolute beachfront, the vistas it frames absolute heaven.

How Good’s This?

Traditional Thai architecture underpins Beyond Resort Karon, with an elegance and charm that is at the very foundation of the culture itself.

Sense Of Arrival

Enjoy the serene elegance of the lobby at Beyond Resort Karon and let it set the tone for your stay.

Quiet Time

Enjoy some ‘me’ quiet time. That’s why we offer a Library Corner. Comfortable chairs and serenity make this a popular option.

Go Explore

There’s so much to see in Phuket. So hop on your bike and explore other beaches, the Old Town or local cuisine.

In The Mood

Beyond Resort Karon boasts the best lagoon pool on the island, a stunning centrepiece that sets the mood for the whole resort experience, and what a mood it is.

You Should Like This Too

Cooking Classes

Upskill Thai Style - Learn how to make some Thai favourites and take home of piece of the country with you. Become the hottest dinner party in town.

Beaches and Pools

An Island-hopping boat trip is one of the best ways to experience some of the world’s best islands that dot nearby Phang Nga Bay.

Special Offer

Discount room price, exclusive offers and package deals, promising happier experiences for less.