5 easy techniques to make photos look more beautiful


Take a photograph, and the chances are you will think it looks good. But then look at images taken by other people, and compare with your own, and maybe you will wonder why yours don’t appear as good as theirs. There are however tricks and techniques that will enable your photos to look more beautiful. Here are five simple techniques.



The three-part rule

A straight-angle shot makes the image look solid and one dimensional, so if you want to make your photo appear more interesting, use the three-part rule. Essentially, this means that a vertical or horizontal image can be divided into three parts. This gives it a total of four intersection points. Use these four points as positions in which to group your main objects or people. This will give the picture a more balanced appearance.



Change the perspective

Line of sightMost people shoot their pictures from eye level, which means a height of only 1 to 2 metres above the ground. Try going lower or higher, taking from various angles to add a new perspective.



Frame the frame

Always be aware that your viewfinder is a frame, and that your subjects should be placed harmoniously within this frame. Don’t be afraid to add another frame, or part of a frame, such as a tree branch or a wall, to add depth and interest.


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Line of sight

Remember that the line of sight does not have to be a straight line, and that taking your photograph from an angle can produce a curved line of sight.


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Use photo-editing app

If after observing the above four techniques your photo still lacks sparkle, or if the image is too dark or too light, use a photo-editing App. VSCO is a free app that is available for both IOS and Android mobiles, and is simple to use. Basic image enhancement and colour tone changes can be made by anyone and it is free.