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Recipe for Success

Our elite culinary team loves to impart its knowledge via our very popular cooking class.

Cooking Classes

Return home armed with the skills needed to make classic dishes and become the best dinner party in town.

You will leave with cooking technics that will stay with you forever and a wide variety of recipes – from Thai classics to other Asian delights and western staples like pizza – that will put smiles on faces.

We love great food and we love infusing guests with that passion.

We’re all about delivering a multi-layered holiday experience.

We’re all about great good.

Like all that? Now try this …

Resort Discovery

Glory Days - Your time here will remain burned on your mind, such is the profound impact of the destination’s natural beauty: powdery white beaches, cerulean warm water, refulgent coral reefs, ancient tropical forests.


Discover, explore and experience new activities and adventures for a memorable vacation stay.

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