Jungle Trekking

Walk through mesmerising lush tropical forests and listen to the sounds of nature as you trek to the hot springs.

Nature’s Way

Experience the truly extraordinary colours of the waters, translucent, pure and transparent, and share the moment.

Forest Canopy

The Emerald Pool is located in deep, primary forest in protected areas to ensure it remains pristine and clean for future generations.

Jump In

Take the opportunity to take a dip and feel the waters for yourself and wonder at the amazing emerald colours of the pool.

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Ao Nang

Picture postcard Ao Nang beach is well worth exploring. Framed by soaring limestone karsts it also neatly segways into a superb dining and shopping area in the evenings.

Hot Springs

Bathe in one of Krabi’s multitude of hot springs that are welcome relaxation spots dotted throughout the destination in mature, wooded natural forest areas.

Mangrove River Trips

Don’t miss taking a trip on the river and discovering the pristine mangrove areas along the way as well as stopping to experience local ways of life preserved for hundreds of years.