Ripple Effect

Dive into good times and watch the ripples of good vibes radiate out to others. This is your time. Enjoy it.

Beaches and Pools

Mai Tai? You may. The water’s fine, come on in. Bring your swimsuit and your sunglasses. Tan is this season’s black.

Take A Dip

Stretch out for a few early morning laps or relax during the midday sun in the cool of the pool. We have a superb swimming space for all tastes.

Time Is On Your Side

Enjoy time together, walking on the soft sands of Klong Muang Beach and embrace the views and stunning backdrop to your holiday together

Peaceful Vistas

Experience the environmental wonders of Klong Muang Beach in Krabi, an absolutely pristine and tranquil part of Thailand.

We have a few more suggestions…

Resort Discovery

Another perfect day in paradise draws to a close. Now begins night. Let’s get this party started. Or simply surrender to somnolence.


Pristine and transparent waters are all around Krabi. Just wander out into the shallows and you’ll find fish swimming around you as you walk. Or take a trip to nearby Phi Phi Island.

Children 's Activities

Experience the soft sands of picturesque Klong Muang, Take your time to explore the beach, perfect for idling away the day making sand castles or paddling in the warm Andaman Sea waters.