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Palm-Fringed Oasis

At 8x3 meters, the private pool in Beyond Khaolak’s Palm Villa Elite with Private Pool can hardly be called a ‘plunge pool’. Indeed, you could swim some serious laps, have a pool party or a game of water polo.

Beyond the Bathroom

You may need a cut lunch to go exploring your expansive, sprawling temple to the bathing arts (room service will oblige). Did we mention our Palm Villa Elite bathrooms are big?

Elegance Meets Style

Luxury is meant to be lived in. That’s the mantra that underpins the Beyond Resort Khaolak approach to tropical, modern luxury, hummed by our team of creative spirits and designers.

Outside Living

An al fresco shower is one of the unfettered pleasures of the tropical escape. The splash of a torrent of crystal water sending a sheen of spray which throws little rainbows around the brilliant blue sky.

Complimentary Mini Bar

This room features a free mini bar including local beer and soft drinks, as well as a gourmet coffee making machine.

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