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Peace and Quiet

Throw routine out the window and kick convention to the curb. When you have a beachfront private pool to yourselves, it would be wrong not to test the outer limits of self-indulgence.

Private Luxury

Have a private pool party or call room service and start planning a decadent dinner à deux to challenge our chefs and their knowledge of seasonal, locally-sourced produce and seafood.

Poolside Lounge

Hop out of bed and into your private pool. Then stay in your own poolside sala. Tough days…

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Soaring ceilings, sunrays and a sense of space allow one’s spirit to expand, causing a glorious feeling of freedom and joy to seep into your very essence.

Your Place in the Sun

Surrender to romance and rekindle intimacy in light, airy surroundings that sparkle with the dazzling hues of the Andaman Sea and tropical sky.

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Special Offer

Discount room price, exclusive offers and package deals, promising happier experiences for less.