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Infinite Horizons

The sky’s the limit and the future is so bright you have to wear shades – especially on a bright sunny day by the pool at Beyond Resort Khaolak.

Flat Out

Lizards drinking would be hard pressed to be more horizontal than a Beyond Resort Khaolak guest reclining on a daybed and pondering the long swim to the bar for a cocktail.

Shaded Areas

Go ahead and work on that tan if it’s your heart’s desire. At Beyond Resort Khaolak it’s not hard to find a nice bit of shade too, for those who prefer a paler approach.

She Sells Sanctuary

Take a long stroll by the seashore with your lover and tell them how the fire in their eyes keeps you alive and how in them you find your sanctuary.

Perfection. Yawn…

It’s amazing how quickly you can become blasé about nature’s spectacular beauty. So keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to have the stunning beach of Khaolak.

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Step into Phang Nga Bay off the coast of Khaolak and enter this rewarding marine sanctuary resplendent with tropical islands and enchanting coral reef formations.

Resort Discovery

The resort’s pond reflection reminds guests about the importance of taking time to reflect, contemplate and finding some ‘me’ time.

Special Holidays

Come and celebrate your holidays with us or experience special Thai festivals on your own. We don’t have snow at Christmas but the white sand beach of Pakweep is also nice – very nice.