KATA GROUP OF HOTELS; Kata Beach Resort and Spa , Karon Beach Resort, Phuket Orchid Resort and Kandaburi Resort & Spa is the place where you can celebrate your special wedding or exchange vows on a beach, in a beautiful and romantic setting. Other memorable events can also be arranged.

Kata Group offers a variety of unique settings for private events where you will meet with our event coordinator, who will discuss about your plans and arrangements, through pre-agreed arrangements.

Simply Intimate / Wedding & Honeymoons at Kata Group
You will also be exposed to the various locations available within Kata Group of Hotels and select the most suitable venue and arrangement for you.

For weddings, both Thai and Western ceremonies can be arranged. Unique ceremonies following either an informal ceremony or as a main ceremony where they each decide for their honeymoon of anniversary.

A simple ceremony can be arranged with 3 or 4 days notice, prior notice is much appreciated and recommended.

Kata Group, amazing places to celebrate weddings and honeymoons.

Further information
Kata Group of Hotels can arrange a simple private affair or a large ceremony including entertainment, shows, and many other traditional activities.

Let us know what type of event you want and we can arrange a remarkable program especially for you.

Request for Proposal Wedding Package

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